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Welcome to  ZUTZART

"Two things that remain eternally true and complement each other, in my view are: don't snuff out your inspiration and power of imagination, don't become a slave to the model; and the other, take a model and study it, for otherwise your inspiration won't take on material form."

Vincent Van Gogh, 5 November1882.

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About ZutzArt Studio & Gallery

ZutzArt studio was born from the love of art.  Its' studio is tucked away in a peaceful cottage surrounded by humming birds, bunny rabbits and peacocks (No, we aren't kidding.  Come visit!)

The Gallery itself displays creations from Kimberley Zutz, from original artwork pieces to giftware including prints, mugs, scarfs, cards displaying her arrtwork, and more.

This website is still under construction, but please peruse around and have fun!

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Kimberley is a self-taught working artist who started painting at the age of eleven.  As a child, she painted with her mother's encouragement in a very broad spectrum.  Her canvasses at the time were glass bottles, rocks, newspaper, tree bark; whatever was available and fun.  After a brief 25-year break to raise four wonderful children, Kimberley has taken up the brush again, learning the new techniques and products in the world of art.

Very much inspired by nature, Kimberley is a hands-on artist who paints from emotion and believes all art is an expression of the inner thoughts and perceptions of the artist.

Kimberley has been commissioned to work book covers, and has been sought from galleries in North America.  Artwork of Kimberleys has been in auctions, and private purchases in Provinces across Canada.

Kimberleys Background




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